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Hi welcome! im Damien who born on 6 of feburary 1987 im hence a Aquarius! A guy who loves fun! wahaha!

Blissfully attached to my 1 and only beloved Cybil - 080808
SAF MDC - Double Bass
EVCO - Double Bass
former Nanyang Poly - DET
former NYPCO - Bass & Cello
former Bedok South Sec Sch
former BDSCO - Bass
former Changkat Pri Sch

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[ aftermath from ytd.. ]
Wednesday, 25 November 2009( 12:37 pm )

my shoulder and leg are aching!!!!!!!!

too much walk and too much load to carry has resulted that!! it must be from ytd's event;

what a torture, my legs arrhhh... my shoulders.....


[ NUS cello grading ]
Tuesday, 24 November 2009( 12:12 pm )

Phew, it’s finally over le!! I had my cello grading exam in NUS Centre Arts Studio there. Though we got lost in the campus and made unnecessary walk around with our cello!!!

i met up with baby and her two juniors in the morning at paya lebar mrt there and we made our trip down to clementi to take bus 96. The moment we reach the 1st bus stop of NUS, baby said alight here only to realise we alight at the wrong bus stop. So no choice have to walk into the campus by referring to the map. Twice i led them to the wrong direction!! gosh! though the map distance from our location to the studios looks far apart, the reality is its just like a 5 - 10min walk. we took 20 min to climb up and down the places. NUS campus aint walking friendly place.. -_-"..

By the time we reached the venue, my whole body is drenched with sweat. -_-". some more I helped one of baby's junior to carry a cello together with mine. -_-" when we alight. she look so fragile. oh well..

I’m like 10min late but when it’s my turn, it’s like 1 hour later. the examination takes too long le. What even more surprise is that im like the most chao lao in the waiting amongst those secondary school teenagers taking the cello grade. very few people took grade 6, and baby and i were one of them.

And so it’s my turn. i tried my best to play but there were hiccups here and there. I’m kind of disappointed not performing in my optimal condition. out of tune(minor), unstable tempo(panic i suppose?), some tones didn’t play as well. i tried to compensate with the feel of the music im playing from what i have so far learnt and seen in my experience. Though the examiner if full of praise with me, im not satisfied with my performance, it can be better! I really hope I can get distinction for the grading if not I will have a sense of disgrace.!

Baby did well too, which is a good thing! anyway, hope of both us can get good grades!

Monday, 16 November 2009( 11:32 am )

happy 17th birthday baby!!!!!!!!!

going to bring you to flyer later!!! hehe..

[ Paranormal Activity ]
Sunday, 15 November 2009( 11:09 am )

This show is one hell of a scary and 'the back of your hair stands' movie! i would rate it a 4.3/5! though i got some motion sickness watching the video camera moving too much and too fast.

i went to watch this movie along with baby and her CO seniors at Tampines Mall.. lol, seriously why we have to pay money to get ourselves scared!? LOL.

well, this movie is about this new couple who just moved into this new house, hoping to leave behind the back haunting memories of theis actress. but it seems the haunting never ends even in their new house.. its not about ghosts or spirits but rather a demonic issues. the actor decided to take video of their day to day life hoping to notice if the haunting is real or its just hallucination farbicated by his girlfriend..

well, its a two thumbs up to those daring souls who loved to pay and get scared!! watch it if you are those type of people! LOL.

[ a lesson not well spent.. ]
Thursday, 5 November 2009( 11:52 am )

ytd received the namecard from the Patrick.. fark, i made a darn small mistake on the namecard design that it totally screwed the namecard.. fark, im damn gulity and demoralized.. for a total of 1000 yet perfect namecard for $150.. sian, can say i pay $150 for a lesson. well, its not a money well spent.. i let down my friends...


im so broke until my next NSF allowances.. hai..